BHEL as a policy to promote entrepreneurship, off-loads their part of production requirement to vendors who are capable and interested to grow with us. In this regard, BHEL/BAP/Ranipet has an approved vendor list to whom the Tender for off-loading will be considered. This Website is created for vendors who want to get approved to carry out the manufacturing for our Unit.

  1. New vendor on accessing this web-site for the first time, will have access to the "Standard Format (Form-ONE)" on clicking the Sign Up button, which is required to be filled on-line. The vendors are required to note that the Form is required to be filled-in one-go. The data provided by you will be non-editable in future.
  2. After successfully finishing the Sign Up process, you will be shown a screen for choosing your username and password.
  3. On successfully doing the above vendor will be considered as "Vendor at initial-Stage for scrutinizing the suitability for off-loading" and will be provided a registration reference-number and date of registration.
  4. The username & Password will help the vendor
  5.   a. To access the data already furnished by the vendor
      b. To know the current status of their application submitted for approval.
  6. BHEL will scrutinize the data provided in "Form-ONE" and will give a feedback (preferably within two weeks) to the registered email ID for the following.
  7. a. In the case of finding the vendor to be acceptable, BHEL may provide access for downloading format for "Vendor-Registration (Indian Supplier)", where the vendor is required to fill and submit the same in Hard-Copy by enclosing the required annexure to / Department, BHEL/BAP, Ranipet, Tamilnadu, PIN: 632406.
    b. BHEL may call for additional documents OR Clarification.
    c. BHEL may reply non-suitability of the requirement with the stated reasons (like No-requirement of Off-loading exists OR Already having sufficient number of performing vendors OR No reply coming from the vendor for pursuing further)
  8. After getting the required data/documents for vendor registration, BHEL may prefer to visit the works/factory of the company for verification.
  9. After the assessment of the facilities available, BHEL may "Register the vendor" and the vendor will be considered for the "Trial Order"
  10. Only after the successful performance, the vendor may be considered as the "Approved vendor" and will be monitored.

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